Bra Anancy Armed & Dangerous

Bra Anancy Armed & Dangerous Image


Small - Short Sleve
100% Cotton, double stitched, Pre-shrunk Heavy T

In Jamaica we call him “BRA ANANCY” the spider, but throughout the Caribbean his name may vary a little, What most people might not know though, is that he’s the original SPIDER, as in Spider man, Yes a legend in his own rights. Originating (Birth Place) in Africa over 500 years ago by the ASH ANTI TRIBE, entertaining stories about this character brought over to the Caribbean by slaves. Countless stories told to kids all over about this folklore hero by their parents, grandparents, schools, and their fore parents at story telling time, which is the juiciest time of the day for most kids, Why? well because of the type of character Bra Nancy is, you see, he is know to be the grand master of all con man, the slickest of all slickster or trickster, the lover, the player, the baddest of all bad man, the A1 DJ, and a winner in his own rights, Yeah! Many have heard about BRA NANCY, and many generations have enjoyed stories about him, but most have never seen him before, until now, that’s right, most have never seen him, but here is, in living colour we bring to you, the one, the only; BRA NANCY, a legend we will never forget.

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