100% Black Liberty Mix CD

100% Black Liberty Mix CD Image

One of the Hottest reggae Mix CD you will find anywhere. , featuring some of the hottest Black Liberty Dub-Plates and tracks, mixed down scientiffically by the A1 selector/Engineer Killa-Fonz, definately a collectors item.

Track List
01. Gregory Isaac dub plate
02. Psalms 31 (Super Black)
03. Everyday another mother cry (Devano)
04. God almighty (Matk Ice)
05. Falling in love (The Heptones)
06. In my house (The Heptones)
07. Pick yourself up (D-Minor)
08. Another day (Don Bonner)
09. Listen To Reality (Beneto Brown
10. Building Block (Shepard)
11. Weak under the treatment
12. Major loyod (Dub-Plate)
13. Everything no pretty (Super Black)
14. Me Depressed (Jaguar)
15. Here I am (Mark Ice)
16. Hunger (Jockey Wryder)
17. Cute like a button (Killa-Fonz)
18. Hot gal alone (Shepard)
19. Good man (Killa-Fonz)
20. Nuff a Gwane like (Crippler)
21. Hotter dan da rest a dem (Shepard)
22. Pressure dis a base (Jockey Ryder)
23. Women me love up (Buckshot)
24. Bout it bout it (Lady ā€œVā€)
25. Smoking up a terrorist (Shepard)
26. Player (Buckshot)
27. Pack dem up a style (Jockey Ryder)
28. War star (Shepard)
29. Shocking color benz (Deadly Mouth)
30. Pure Player (Blen)
31. Look ova de so (TDC)
32. Super man (Jockey Ryder)
33. Millennium gun (Shepard)
34. Hot flex (Jockey Ryder)
35. Jolly ride (Shepard)
36. Bad man from long time (Killa-Fonz)
37. Vote fe god (Lady ā€œVā€)
38. Who say dat (Killa-Fonz)
39. Wifie (Poison Dart)

Mix, Mastered & Edited BY: Killa Fonz

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