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Black Liberty Records (BLR) presents


Making their day-view on their first super hot CD

Featuring: Ramone Messam (AKA) MO-MONEY 16 years old
Jerome Messam (AKA) G-MONEY 13 years old
Audley Messam (AKA) C-MONEY 17 years old
Jermaine Messam (AKA) Boy Wonder21
Andrew (AKA) Brain-e-ack 11
Debrae Jones (AKA) 17 Debo
Aion Lee (AKA) 17 Gangster Lee

These hot new up and coming artistes have just teemed up to put together their first hot new CD. This CD is a full-length 15-track powerhouse; jam packed with some of the wickedest lyrics and Hip-Hop / Hip-Hop Reggae music ever heard from artistes their age (Jahmericans).
Being the sons & uncle of Killa-Fonz (Yardie), who happens to be the CEO of (BLR), Top Dog Recording Studio & the Black Liberty Sound. I guess you can say it was only natural for these artistes to become caught up and occupied with more than enough to keep them busy. Having access to BLRs musical arsenal and technology, it now seems like the curiosity has caught the cats. Fonz being a musical soldier and drill sergeant has taught them how to channel their energies well, as he puts it “there’s no time to play around and there’s no half stepping around here”.
Jerome (AKA) G-Money at the age of 13 has literally mastered the art of wrapping & song writing. With his verticality and creative styles & lyrics, he is able to get your head bopping and weaving uncontrollably with the greatest of ease. And when it comes to doing Drops for Radio stations, or Dub-Plates for sound systems, he says “I’m willing to do the killing just for a shilling”. Jerome is now in training to become a Recording Engineer and is now in charge of BLR’s mailing campaign.
Next up is Ramone (AKA) MO-Money, at age of 16 Ramone has literally mastered the art of rapping, song writing, music composing and Record engineering, Ramone is highly talented and a quick learner. He presently creates most of the wickedest Hip-Hop, R&B, Ballad and Dancehall Reggae beats for the BLR label, and is also in charge of the recording studio. His rapping ability is beyond his years and his lyrical vocabulary seems endless. Ramone, Jerome and Andrew Messam is also in charge of BLR’s worldwide mailing campaign and CD production, these three young artistes are definitely winners who are headed for the top and their new CD is guaranteed to help take them there. Ramone created all the music for this CD except for the last track along with the recording, mixing, mastering, and editing.
The next talented artist on this CD is AJ Messam (AKA) C-Money. AJ is also the cousin of Ramone, Jerome, Andrew & Jermaine Messam. At the age of 17 AJ also writs his own lyrics and have a smooth and unique flow too his style. He is definitely a force to be reckon with and a DJ that knows how to get you moving. AJ says he intends to make his presence felt in the music business one-way or the other, and will be making all the positive moves to help make it happen. AJ’s style adds to the flavor of this CD and gives it that vintage flavor.
Another talented artist making his day-view on this CD is Debrae (AKA) DeBo. At the age of 17 DeBo is definitely ready to become a star, you can hear it in his voice and the way he delivers his rhymes. Fearless, confident and a lyrical gymnast is just some of the things that comes to mind when you her him flow. His dream has always been to make a record and become a recording artist, and like so many other talented young artistes BLR was willing to give him that chance. DeBo’s talent & lyrics knows no boundaries, check him out on this CD and be the judge for yourself, he’s awesome.
Also on this CD making his short but sweet day view we have the youngest in the crew Andrew Messam (AKA) Brain-e-ack, Andrew still relies on his older brothers to write his lyrics but says that by next year he will be writing books of lyrics by himself, he also plays a great part in the manufacturing of BLRs CD’s and the mailing campaign.
Next up we have Aion lee (AKA) Ganster lee, Aion is also very talented and will definitely be a winner in no time, he adds a unique flavour to this CD and sounds as though he’s been rapping all his life, he is also the son of one of BLR’s original dancehall sound Clash crew member General Lee, Aion is also very talented and an Ace DJ who is ready to take the place by storm.
Last but not least we have the oldest in the crew Jermaine Messam (AKA) Boy Wonder, who happens to also be the brother of Ramon, Jerome & Andrew, Jermaine also lives in New York and adds that NY flavor to this CD, he is definitely a lyrical wiz and an ace DJ, no doubt. Jermaine sometimes says that there is so much lyrics bubbling up in is head top that some times there’s no room left for him to think, so he has to be constantly channeling his thoughts to his pen, Jermaine has a nice flavor and adds the finishing touch to this wicked CD.
We have been getting a lot of great feedback on this CD from all over the world and will be doing a Hip-Hop feature with a personality from Voice of America within a few weeks, this CD can definitely hold it’s own and stand up to the big boys. Work has already begun on the next TDC releases. This CD is a much have for those who love Hip-Hop and Hip-Hop Reggae because this CD is filled with the wickedest Hip-Hop/Yard-man/Jamaican flavor, and why not? These kids are all Jahmericans. Soundbytes available at website, call for booking.


1. MONEY MAKER (4:21)
2. KITTY KAT (3:59)
3. CAN’ T STOP US (4:44)
4. TOP DOG ZIGGAS (4:47)
5. YOU KNOW (4:18)
6. MURDEROUS (4:04)
7. MESS YOU UP (4:29)
9. YOU SCARED (3:27)
10. JAMERICAN (4:19)
11. LOOK OVA DESO (4:30)
12. WE NU SCARED (4:33)
13. WILD OUT (3:42)
14. T-O-P D-O-G (3:24)
15. 3 KILLAS (4:10)

Executive Producer: Alphonso Messam
Recorded/Edited, Mastered & Manufactured at:
Black Liberty Records
VOCALS: Ramone Messam (AKA) MO-Money
VOCALS: Jerome Messam (AKA) G-Money
VOCALS: AJ Messam (AKA) C-Money
VOCALS: Jermaine Messam (AKA) Boy Wonder
VOCALS: Debrae Jones (AKA) Debo
VOCALS: Aion Lee (AKA) Gangster Lee
Graphics: Alphonso Messam / Killa-Fonz
Composers: Mo-money / Daryl “D’
Engineers: Killa-Fonz / Mo-money / Daryl “D”
C P Published 2002: 1 A WAY (ASCAP)

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