Jockey Ryder - Hot Flex

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This CD is Jammed packed with the Hottest Jockey Ryder Lyrics, there is no doubt that this CD is a winner. Jockey has also teemed up with several other super talented Artistes on this CD, such as, Kafinol, Suzie Wang, Cris-style, Stacie Sweet and Rapture to name a few, to take you on one of the greatest musical adventure.
This CD also features some of the most awesome Dancehall tracks ever put together on one CD, guaranteed to keep you jamming. Three of the hot tracks on this CD was contributed by the Gumshan crew, Jamaica WI, and the rest was composed by BLR’s: MO-Money Ramone from the Top Dog Crew (TDC) & Daryl “D”.

01. Superman “MAIN TRACK” 02. My Lady 03. Hot Flex 04. Woman Me A Wine 05. Pack Them Up A Style 06. Hunger 07. Girls Dem A Pressure Me 08. Woman Are You Beautiful 09. You Wanna Test Me 10. Hey You 11. Tell Me Why 12. A Who Send Them 13. Weed Fe Smoke 14. Jah Jah Bless My Soul Recorded, Mixed, Edited & Mastered at: Black Liberty Records Mail Vocals:Jockey Ryder (AKA) Glen Daws Graphics: Alphonso Messam / Killa-Fonz Composers: Mo-money / Daryl “D’ / Gumshan Crew Senior Engineer: Killa-Fonz Other Engineers Mo-money / Daryl “D” Graphics: Alphonso Messam / Killa-Fonz C P Published 2002: 1 A WAY (ASCAP)

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