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Black Liberty Records and Shabaka Productions presents " A CHAPTER OF ROOTS" which is an African Roots Rock Reggae album by West African singer/songwriter FREDDY SHABAKA. The album consists of 12 songs written, arranged and produced by Shabaka himself at the Black Liberty Records Top Dog Studios. Shabaka also worked with renowned Cameroonian guitarist Tanash, and background singers Andrea and Faith. It was engineered and mixed by Killa Fonz and Mo Money Ramone. The 12 songs on the CD are strictly African Roots Rock Reggae: African Rock, See Dem A Come, African Spirit, Refugee Camp, Spoken Word/Revelation Time, The Truth, Thy Will Be Done, Shackles, My Girl, and it also includes the ballad Lovin A Girl Again, the Afro Funk called Njala and the infectious Merengue/Calypso Do you wanna jam?

The album opens up with "AFRICAN ROCK", and Shabaka asks if you’re in the mood to mash your brains out. It is then followed by the sure hit "SEE DEM A COME " where he calls on the predators to stop using the children in their wars for diamonds and gold. He then goes on to track #3 called "AFRICAN SPIRIT" which he dedicates to the African Children living in the ghettos and the villages of the world. He calls on them to draw upon the African Spirit of the past to survive and overcome the present tribulations. In track #4 he sings that we should not just sit around while the children of Sierra Leone and other parts of the world are living in a "REFUGEE CAMP".

This album delivers true roots rock reggae from the African heartland. Reggae lovers around the world will see this as a classic. The music is well produced and arranged with rich and vibrant melodies that rest upon the pounding bass and African percussion. The vibrant horn phrases and string arrangements work well with the prominently featured guitar playing, which Tanash delivers with a skill, beauty and ease that will hypnotize you as he weaves through Shabaka’s music. Through the tongue comes track #5 "SPOKEN WORD/ REVELATION TIME" featuring hip hop poets Kjahos 9x and Shade both of whom effectively deliver the lyrics over a roots reggae beat. In track #6 Kjahos 9x joins Shabaka and a rock guitar in "THE TRUTH " as they call upon God for some answers, as there is so much confusion about religion. Shabaka is still hopeful and dreams of a land of peace in "THY WILL BE DONE " where everybody’s heart is clean, it’s such a beautiful scene.

In "A chapter of Roots" you will experience a collection of songs and music that are bound to make you move and think. This is one album that you will enjoy listening and dancing to over and over again. Shabaka manifests the unity of the African diaspora through his music in "SHACKLES " where he sings about freedom, justice and the unification of all African people scattered around the world. He is accompanied by the wicked dancehall DJ Shepard who delivers his lyrics with extreme skill and emotion. In "MY GIRL", Killa Fonz joins Shabaka in this roots rock reggae for lovers track. Shabaka slows us down in the ballad "LOVIN A GIRL AGAIN ", as he sings about the pain and joy of love. He gives us some Afro Funk in track #11 "NJALA" which talks about the place where Freddy grew up which was destroyed by the brutal war in Sierra Leone. Shabaka simply wraps it up when he asks in "DO YOU WANNA JAM " do we really want to sing his song. This song takes us home to Sierra Leone.

This CD will definitely get you on the dance floor. Freddy Cole Shabaka has been described by the Washington Post this way " If West African born singer/songwriter Freddy Shabaka doesn’t win listeners over with his words, the odds are good he’ll do it with his music… Shabaka knows how to make his point effectively on several levels as a singer, songwriter and arranger". When he released his first tape "Free", both songs "Dem nor wan dance" and "Goombay Jamming" were both hits in Sierra Leone and around the world. These songs helped established Freddy Shabaka as a musical force to be reckoned with. The songs were described by the national music industry trade publication CMJ this way " This is the best self produced demo tape I have heard all year…. The single Dem nor wan dance deserves to be heard on dance floors, radio stations and boomboxes nationwide… if you close your eyes you might think this is music from a Mango Records sampler". But in 2003, Shabaka Productions has teamed up with Black Liberty, to release this exclusive CD called "A CHAPTER OF ROOTS". This CD will be available April 15th for sale but is now available to Radios, DJ's, Clubs and most promotional org.

Track List:
01. African Rock (4:24)
02. See Dem A Come (3:46)
03. African Spirit (4:00)
04. Refugee Camp (4:13)
05. Spoken Words / Revelation Time (3:43)
06. The Truth (4:19)
07. Thy Will Be Done (4:32)
08. Shackles (3:42))
09. My Girl (3:54)
010. Loving A Girl Again (From A Chapter Of Love (4:53)
011. Njala (3:53)
12. Do You Wanna Jam (From A Chapter Of African Song

Produced by Freddy cole & Black Liberty RecordsRecorded, Mixed, Edited & Mastered at: Black Liberty Records
Engineer: Killa-Fonz
Engineer: Ramone

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