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Yes, Yes that’s right, this CD is blazing hot, star studded and jam-packed with some of the roughest dancehall cut throat up and coming artistes around, riding some of the toughest dancehall beats from the Black Liberty label. Who say the vibes soft a forin? Who only play the big artist dem tunes, and don’t give the small man a break? Well play this CD and I guarantee you it will heat up your dials, catch the place pon fire, and burn a hole in your shoes. Yeah, BLR (the poor man label) is here to stay, and today we want to introduce you to some of the hottest up and coming Jamaican artistes residing in the US and Jamaica, that’s just as wicked as the man them a yard, these artistes deserve a break and BLR will try it’s best to help them along the way. This CD is the start of the BLR heat wave. It is fearless, sizzling hot, and can definitely hold its own amongst some of the best out there today, guaranteed as tough as steel. Don’t believe me? Well visit our website and take a listen to some of the sound bytes.

TRACK #1: We kick track one off with a very talented up and coming Jamaican artist residing in the US by the name of BLEN, Blen is letting you know on this BLR (Dracula Rhythm) how much he is a “PLAYER” and you know what? I kind of believe him because he sounds convincing. Like most up and coming reggae artist in the USA, Blen also have been finding it hard to get a break in the reggae business but never gave up, as he puts it “Each dog has their day” so he is waiting for his day to come, well BLR is here to tell you that his day is today and you can hear him now. Blen has a unique voice and style you’ll never forget, he can mix it up with the best of the best and is eager to prove his abilities to the world. Blen resides in Virginia but makes frequent trips to Jamaica to peruse his musical career, check him out on this CD and be on the look out for more because this DJ is rough.

TRACKS #2: Next up we have another highly talented young artist by the name of BUCKSHOT, Buckshot is letting the massive know on the BLR (Bubbler Rhythm) that he too is a player, but a “TRUE PLAYER”, and I definitely believe him, because how would he know so much about the moves of a player? Listen this track and see if you agree with me. Buckshot style is truly unique, and I’ve never heard a style like his before, he definitely adds the scotch barnet to this Inferno CD. Whenever you hear his name again just believe that you will be hearing about an ace DJ who can hold down the fort and keep the session blazing hot for days. I can already see a future star in the making. This track is definitely super hot.

TRACK #3: Buckshot is still holding down the fort on this track (Terrorist Rhythm) with his “CHI-CHI MAN” tune (All in fun), we had to release this one before things wore thin, anyway this one is as wicked or wickeder than any of the chi-chi man tunes them out there.

TRACK #4: This track features the man call CRIPPLER, name given to him by Killa-Fonz. Crippler is definitely awesome on this BLR (Goodman Rhythm), the title of this track is called “NOUGH A DEM A GWAN LIKE” them so innocent. Yes Crippler is another hot young up and coming Jamaican artist that is determined to make his name known worldwide, he has done recordings for several labels in Jamaica and several Dub-Plates for sound systems worldwide while in Jamaica, he is also very talented and already taking the place by storm, this track will definitely wet your whistle and have you screaming for more, because this one is sizzling hot.

TRACK #5: This next artist is called DEADLY MOUTH, who happens to be the brother of Buckshot. On this BLR (Rhythm), he’s letting you know how much he loves to profile in his “SHOCKING COLOR BENZ” which is all about fun, and true to his word he got it down patt, he also brings to this CD a wicked style and flavor that keeps the fire in this CD burning out of control. This is Deadly Mouths first recording but if I didn’t tell you you would think he was born with the mike in his hand, and between him and his brother they got the place locked. Yes another star in the making and an ace DJ at work, the name speaks for itself, check him out.

TRACK #6: Next up we have ENGLISHMAN and LEXUS DREAD in a wicked combination style titled “GONGO WALK” which explains how Joe Grine sneeks over to his gon-gu walk after leaving his girl home. Definitely a wicked, wicked tune with an R&B flavor, fit for the international radios, hit tune written all over it. Englishman career span all the way back from the-mid 70's, with over 10 Albums to his credits and thousands of Records sold, he has also had the honor of Performing for two Prime Ministers in his Native Land of Jamaican back in the mid 70’s, he has also done free concerts to benefit the Leukemia Research at the Kennedy Center in Washington D.C. and have performed on the 1994 Jamaica Reggae Sunsplash along side Judy Mowatt, Michael Rose, Tony Rebel and Freddie Mcgregor. Englishman's performances have taken him around the world and he’s still on the move. Keep your eyes and ears peeled for more good music from this veteran entertainer.

TRACK #7: This track “CUTE LIKE A BUTTON”, features KILLA FONZ riding the (Button Rhythm) which explains to the world how cute the ladies are, this track also happens to be the title track of Killa’s CD album; “VERSATILITY”. The ladies will definitely appreciate this track, and will be crying out for more, guaranteed to be a crowd pleaser, and will get nuff lighter in the air in the dancehall, A must play tune for the ladies, so grease up your waist, and saddle up, because this one is rougggghhh!

TRACK #8: GOLDii, a hot Jamaican veteran female singer is letting you know on this (Goldii Rhythm) that “LOVE DON’T LOVE NOBADY”, which she knows all about due to her many lifes experiences, you wouldn’t find anyone that could explain it better. This track is a winner, and it will open your eyes to the true meaning of love, definitely a blazing hot track, a must have for the ladies.

TRACK #9: Track number nine features a wicked combination from JOCKEY RYDER & KAFINOL on the BLR (Hot Flex Rhythm) title “HOT FLEX”. Jockey is truly in top form on this wicked combination track, and Kafinol the singer means serious dancehall business.

TRACK #10: This one is definitely a big, big International tune, featuring JOCKEY RYDER the DJ and SLICK RICK the singer letting you know that “THIS IS FOR MY LADY”. The music for this track definitely compliments the lyric well, and the combination style is on the one. Jockey is at his usual best on this track with Slick Rick is the Icening on the cake, It’s a lucky thing the Icening is heatproof because if it wasn’t it would surely melt. Slick Rick reminds me of Maxi Priest on this track, and a singer I wouldn’t mind listening all the time. This track is definately a winner. This track along with track #11 can be heard on BLR’s Jockey Ryder HOT FLEX CD.

TRACK #11: LADY “V” is awesome on this BLR BoutKIt Rhythm, she’s expressing to you on this track that she's “BOUT IT BOUT IT”, Lyrics: don’t bother gwan like you want come doubt it, hand in a the air jump up and shout it, yeah that’s “V” alright, with a commanding voice, wicked delivery, one of a kind style and excellent execution. Believe me, Wickedness increases 10 folds when Lady “V” touches the mike on this track.

TRACK #12: On this BLR (Millinium Rhythm), DJ SHEPHERD the leopard, is letting you know all about his “MELLINIUM” gun, a big gun, and certain people done. Shepard is a cross between Merciless and Bounty Killer and take my word for it, he’s just as poisonous and (full up a de venom) as those artist, Shepard also happens to be the brother of Spanna Banna & Plyers as in Shaka Demous & Plyers, and it is definitely true in his case when they say that the fruit never fall too far from the tree. This track stands firm amongst all gun tune, and if they stop to change the Magazine, “Them Done” because he got the millennium gun. No long talk about this gun ting because everything done, Shepherd? talk to them.

TRACK #13: This track features MO-Money Ramone from the BLR’s TDC Top Dog Hip-Hop crew, riding high on this BLR (Dracula Rhythm), built by himself. On this track, MO-Money is telling you to LOOK OVA DESO, and goes on to tell you why. This track is definitely awesome and you dont want to miss out and look the wrong way.

TRACK #14: The temperature levels increases 10 folds on this track with KILLA-FONZ riding rough on the BLR (Shut UM Down Rhythm) titled “ROOKUMBINE”. Yes it’s all about putting a little wine in the ladies waist-linel on the dance floor, says Killa Fonz. The style was conjured up out of killa’s endless arsenal of styles and lyrics, because as he puts it, “It’s a curse not to be verse, and I would hate to to have to pick purse”. Yes this one is definitely for all the hot ladies, it will definitely get them charge and ready to dance up an inferno, this track is vicious.

TRACK #15: SHEPARD the leopard gun pepperd is letting you know on this BLR (Why Rhythm) that “LIFE IS A TRAGERDY” tell him what you rather be, which he delivers as the poor peoples government. Shepard is definitely talented to the max so you're in for a treat with this one.

TRACK #16: The title of this track is called “CAN YOU TELLY ME WHY”, featuring JOCKEY RYDER & CRYSTAL, and this one is definately burning down the place by adding more fuel to the inferno. This BLR Rhythm is called (Da Knock), taken from the BLR catalog, and believe me it is hot, full up of the flavor, and guaranteed to be a crowd pleaser. Jockey is at his usual best on this track and Crystal is there to support him all the way.

Overall this CD is a winner and definitely deserves to be in your Reggae Dancehall Catalog.

Track List:
1. BLEN - Player
2. BUCKSHOT – True Player
3. BUCKSHOT – Woman Me Love
4. CRIPPLER – Nuff a Gwan Like
5. DEADLY MOUTH – Shocking Color Benz
6. ENGLISHMAN – Goon-Gu Walk
7. KILLA FONZ – Cute Like a Button
8. GOLDII – Love Don’t Love Nobody
11. LADY V – Bout It Bout It
12. SHEPARD – Millennium Gun
13. TDC – Look Ova Deso
14. KILLA FONZ - Rookumbine
15. SHEPARD – Life Is a Tragedy

Executive Producer: Alphonso Messam
Recorded/Edited & Mastered at:
Black Liberty Records
Graphics: Alphonso Messam / Killa-Fonz
Composers: Mo-money / Daryl “D’ / Gumshan Crew
Other Engineers: Daryl “D’ / Mo-money
Senior Engineers: Killa-Fonz
C P Published 2002: 1 A WAY (ASCAP)

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